AX0536H Polaris Sportsman Front Complete Shaft

AX0536H Polaris Sportsman Front Complete Shaft
Front Heavy Duty InterParts Drive Shaft for Polaris Sportsman.
Includes Inner and Outer CV Joint assembled with boots and shaft.
Sportsman 400 4x4 2005
Sportsman 450 2006
Sportsman 500/EFI 4x4 05-06
Sportsman 500 HO 4x4 2006 (from 10-03-06)
Sportsman 600 2005
Sportsman 700 2005
Sportsman 800 EFI 4x4 2005
Sportsman 800 EFI 4x4 2006 (between 09/05/05 & 11/11/05)

*Note this is the Front drive shaft left or right.
See AX51157HD for Demon HD complete shaft or XAX54826 for half shaft.
Repalces AX58305
Price: $149.00

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