XBR300B Armor-Tech Brake Pads

XBR300B Armor-Tech Brake Pads
Armor-Tech Pads
Same quality as expensive OEM pads at a much lower price.
ATC200X 83-87 (Front and Rear)
ATC250R 81(Front) ATC250R 82-84 (Front and Rear)
TRX250X 87-88/91-92 (Front and Rear)
TRX250EX 01-13 (Front)
TRX300EX 93-09 12(Front and Rear)
ATC350X 85-86 (rear)
TRX400EX/X 99-09 12-13 (Front and Rear)
TRX420 07-13(Front)
TRX500 Foreman 12-13

LT230S 85-88 (Rear)
LT230E 86-93 (Rear)
LT250S 89-90 (Rear)
LT250R Quadracer 85-92 (Rear)
LT-Z400 03-04 (Front)
LT-Z250 Quadsport 04-09(Front)
Lt-A/F400?F Eiger (all) 06-07 (Front)
LT-A500F Vinson Auto 4x4 04-07 (Front)
LT-F500F Vinson Semiauto 4x4 04-07 (Front)

YFM350FX Wolverine 95-04 (Rear)
YFM350X Warrior 87-04 (Rear)
YFZ350 Banshee 87-06 (Rear)
YFM660R Raptor 01-04 (Front and Rear)
YFS200 Blaster 03-06 (Rear)
YFM250R Raptor 08-13 (Rear)
YFM350R Rapter 350 04-13 (Rear)
YFM600FWA Grizzly 98-01 (Front)
YFM600F Grizzly 02-08 (Front)

Arctic Cat
400 DVX 400 04-08 (Front)

KSF/KFX250 Mojave 87-04(Rear)
KXF250 Tecate 87-88(Rear)
KXT250 Tecate 87 (Rear)
LEF300 Lakota 95-03
KFX400 03-06 (Front)
KFX450 08-13 (Rear)
Price: $24.95

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